Monday, November 24, 2008


May 3, 2010 Update

The following Customer Input Prices are a measure of the amount paid in U.S. dollars per kilogram or tonne by a U.S. customer for the raw material at the point of use. They are mostly based on U.S. International Trade Commission import data and USGS consumption data for these commodities, plus other price series. The latest number is always preliminary, and the one above it is revised.

Bismuth metal
January 2008 $39.40/kg
February 2008 $37.60/kg
March 2008 $35.40/kg
April 2008 $41.85/kg
May 2008 $42.10/kg
June 2008 $45.60/kg
July 2008 $42.80/kg
August 2008 $41.00/kg
September 2008 $35.55/kg
October 2008 $32.34/kg
November 2008 $29.27/kg
December 2008 $29.96/kg
January 2009 $27.71/kg
February 2009 $27.67/kg
March 2009 $26.32/kg
April 2009 $26.45/kg
May 2009 $27.65/kg
June 2009 $26.34/kg
July 2009 $27.04/kg
August 2009 $23.76/kg
September 2009 $25.13/kg
October 2009 $26.02/kg
November 2009 $28.02/kg
December 2009 $27.29/kg
January 2010 $26.68/kg
February 2010 $28.50/kg